Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Building Oct/Mex/EXE file in Gnu Octave using Visual Studio® Tools

In order to build Oct/Mex/EXE, you need following softwares,
Double click DLE_Code_Editor.jar or DLE_Code_Editor.bat

Set Visual Studio® Tools or Windows SDK® 
Choose ‘Options’ menu item from Tools menu,From Options dialog box,

 click browse button.

Select vcvars32.bat file (if you are using Visual Studio®) or SetEnv.cmd (if you are using Windows SDK®). Press OK to close Options dialog box. Restart DLE_Code_Editor.jar

Create your source file 
Choose ‘Oct File’ menu item from Build menu (press F6) to make Oct file.

Similarly choose ‘Mex File’ menu item from Build menu (press Shift+F6 ) to make Mex file or choose ‘Exe file’ menu item from Build menu to make EXE file.
Note:If you are using GNU Octave for Mingw, Open DomainMath IDE choose DLE Code Editor menu item from Tools menu.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Joined in Blogger

Joined in Blogger. I have already a blog in,but it was unmaintained.Now this the official blog of DomainMath IDE .